I think it is a dangerous thing when the church promotes a certain political party, or a specific politician.

Although certain issues appear to have been highjacked by one or both of our mainline political parties, (i.e. democrats=the environment; republicans=abortion) we are called to be Christ followers, not party members. When the truths of Christ appear to be mimiced by a certain party it is not because Jesus was a Republican, it is because at that instance Republicans happen to agree with Jesus. We need to have our politics be about the person of Christ, not a political party.

I also think it is a good thing to encourage your church to be involved in the political process. (Not by asking them to support a party or politician, but by allowing them to apply there biblical understanding to their politcial worldview) Like it or not, politics shape our culture, and the church needs to be involved in using a biblical worldview to influence our culture.

With that in mind, here is a chart of the presidential candidates, and some of their views on a variety of topics.

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