What will the world be like?

I get the last feeding of the day with my son Noah, so my wife can get some sleep while we are getting him accustomed to our “sleep through the night” plan. In the past nine weeks I have become a huge Charlie Rose fan. The guy has really interesting guests.

Tonight he had the analyst who covers India and China for Forbes magazine. She recently wrote a book called The Elephant and the Dragon, which is now on my Amazon wishlist. (Another great book along these lines is The World is Flat)

Interesting facts:
By 2050 India will be the largest country in the world with 1.5 Billion people
(China is presently 1.3 Billion strong, but has implemented rigid population control)
(The US was proud to just cross 300 million)

China is about to pass Germany for #3 on the “richest” country list, just behind the U.S. and Japan
(China still refers to itself, and most analysts agree, as a developing country)

The U.S will produce 1.3 million college graduates this year
India will produce twice as many
China will produce three times as many

What is the going to look like in twenty years?

I hope the church becomes a student of globalization…if we do…we just might be able to identify the opportunties created as change is occuring.

If we could begin to understand the direction and means of change and progress we could “outsource” the Gospel to every corner of the globe in our lifetime! We could put an end to those lists we see year after year about the tens of millions of people who have never heard the name Jesus!

As the world shrinks, lets be busy


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