Decoding Culture

Some great points from Mark Batterson on Decoding Culture:

We must know our mission. If we get this wrong, we’re going to end up in the wrong place.

–You aren’t a church just because the IRS gives you a tax exempt status and calls you a church.

–When you get to the irreducible minimums of ministry—it’s not about videos or graphics or cool stuff. It’s about making disciples.

–Good work usually means more work. Success breeds complexity.

–I have days when I want to kill people rather than love them. I have to be reminded of my purpose.

–A lot of churches are answering questions that no one is asking.

–60% of people get their theology through music and movies.

–When we quote the Bible, we gain credibility with Christians. When we quote non-biblical sources, we gain credibility with non-Christians. I’m not suggesting we don’t use the Bible, I’m just saying that all truth is God’s truth.

–I want to study less and live more, so my teaching is less theoretical and more experiential.

–I don’t think the best thing for my church is for me to be a better preacher…as much as it is for me to be a better dad, a better husband, a better friend.

–My greatest fear…that my kids would grow up and regret being a pastors’ kid. I’m determined not to let that happen.

–Sometimes churches are the most predictable places on the planet. Change things up. Vary the pattern. Disorient people so they are paying attention.

–Some of our role as leaders is keeping things from becoming routine. Good leaders confuse people.

–No matter what you do, people will always resist you.

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