Resource Sharing

Quick Story: Several years ago I took a trip to Russia with a friend of mine, and a handful of men from churches who had also been exposed to the opportunity…While on the plane, a Dr. So and So hands me a book he claims to have written, tells me it is a gift, and he hopes it is a blessing. I thanked him, and looked down to see the book was a conglomerate of bible verses placed under certain topics for quick reference. The guy told me HE wrote a book full of BIBLE VERSES!

I don’t want to get on a soapbox here. I am a young pastor, and understand the distinct possibility that no one would want resources from me, free or otherwise. But…

The point is: Shouldn’t churches share their resources as though they were not their resources to begin with. We are in a dangerous place when we claim God’s Word and wisdom as our ideas, and use either for leverage or profit.

Here are a few links to churches who have made resources available online for free: — Crossroads Community Church (Cincinnati, OH); Kensington Community Church (Detroit, MI); Crossroads Community Church (Atlanta, GA); Gateway Community Church (Austin, TX) Open — (Edmond, OK)

NewSpring Ministries — NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC)

North Point Ministries — North Point Community Church (Alpharetta, GA)

Seacoast All Access — Seacoast Church (Mount Pleasant, SC)

Vine Resources — Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY)


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