Top Ten Outreach Articles From Outreach Magazine

Found this on Mark Batterson’s blog…though it was a great resource

Here’s the Top Ten Articles on Outreach:

1. Church Cancelled, Service Begins

Across the country, churches are closing their doors on Sunday mornings to serve their communities through the new four-week churchwide campaign called Faith in Action. Will you join them?

2. Fourth Annual Outreach Resource of the Year

You loved them, we loved them. Now it’s time to give these outstanding resources of 2006 another look and a round of applause.

3. America’s Most Innovative Churches

How are today’s churches innovating to reach a changing world, and which ones are leading the way?

4. 10 Ways to Sink Your Sermon Series

To present an effective evangelistic sermon series at your church, avoid making 10 crucial mistakes seen repeatedly at churches across the country.

5. I Like Jesus … Not the Church

Today’s non-Christian 20- and 30-somethings are big fans of Jesus but are less thrilled with His followers and the churches where they worship. Pastor/author Dan Kimball reveals their six most common perceptions of Christians and the Church, what they wish church was like and why you should be listening to these emerging voices.

6. The Possibility and Imperative of Launching New Churches

Have you thought about it? Have you felt called? Maybe it’s something you’ve dreamt of, but the logistics of making it happen seemed too daunting. You already have a church–and possibly a thriving one at that–so why would you want to start another one? Why should you be a Launching Church?

7. The Buzz Mandate

You’ve heard people buzzing about the latest sports scandal or the new blockbuster movie. But have you ever heard your community buzzing about the Gospel? When’s the last time your church was the talk of the town?

8. Whose Earth is It Anyway?

A hot-button issue in today’s world, creation care is resonating with churches worldwide. Northland pastor Joel Hunter shares why and how his Longwood, Fla., church is reaching its community by talking about the subject.

9. Why Evangelism Doesn’t Work Anymore

Why? Maybe the culture is too sophisticated for it–especially our teenagers. Perhaps this technologically connected generation of young people has totally disconnected from an ancient message that, at first glance, seems absolutely irrelevant to their lifestyles. After all, how can such a seemingly dated message compete with instant messaging?

10. The Top 20 Web Sites for Church Communicators

Below, you’ll find 20 killer sites that can inspire you, save you time and help you do your job right. In short, they make your life easier. Isn’t the Web a wonderful thing?


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