Continue to Pray

It has been about one week since the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Thirty three people were ushered into eternity, with hundreds and even thousands directly affected and grieving because of the actions of one man.

No matter what you believe about were we find ourselves in proximity to the return of Christ, you cannot deny the rate at which these events interupt our sitcoms with a “special report” that another tragedy or murder has occurred takes place on a far too regular basis.

It scares me to think we could begin to be calloused to these events, simply because they seem to happen so often.

Let’s make sure that each time a “special report” comes through our television screen, we are reminded to pray to the God who must grieve far more deeply that we can imagine. Let the church be the ones who remember the victims far past the event, and are still praying when the rest of the world has moved on.


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