I live in Cincy, and I do like the Reds…but I am a huge Yankees fan. Always have been. I hate some of the garbage they pull from time and time, and I get the whole “the Yankees ruin baseball” stuff that people say. Can we be honest with ourselves: It is hard to argure with 26 titles.

I was listening to the radio today, actually Sirius, (thanks for the birthday gift mom) and they were talking about how great of a start Alex Rodriguex is having this year. To which I respond: “kind of like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that?” I think the A in A-rod stands for April. We are no where near being able to call him O-Rod, because he disappears in October!

My man is probably the best player in baseball today, but I hate watching the quarter of a BILLION dollar man look like a single A ballplayer when October comes around.

By the way…how messed up is it that we pay a guy 250 million dollars to strike out in October, when it costs about 3k to dig a well in Africa, and the president of the United States makes around 400k?

Sorry for the rant.

First Red Sox/Yankees game is tonight. Go Yanks!


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