This Sunday @ The Bridge (4/15)

Tax Day! For procrastinators everywhere, today is your day.

We continued our four week celebration of Easter by watching the first of two sessions featuring Louie Giglio, and his teaching Indescribable.

We had a really simple time of community praise:
We sang: Indescribable by Chris Tomlin, and meditated on Ps. 19:1 ans Ps. 8:3

Our 4 part celebration has really been about remembering certain truths about God that have the power to shape our perspective, our lifestyle, and our character:

I need to remember through communion because…
I easily forget what I have been redeemed from,
I easily forget what it took to redeem me,
I easily forget who it was that payed for my redemption

I need to remember the resurrection because…
It reminds me that Jesus is God
It reminds me that God defeated death, and has the power to address anything I may face
It reminds me that grace is real, and there is nothing I can do to make God love my any more, or any less
It reminds me forgiveness is free, and when I carry guilt it is sin
It reminds me God is love. If the value of something is judged by what one will pay to have it… I am worth the life and death of Jesus Christ in God’s eyes

I need to remember creation, and its Creator because…
It tells me God is big, and I am not
It reminds me that although the universe is one of God’s thoughts, I am His favorite thought

We also started the first of many “Mom’s Time Out”. The Bridge is really seeking to bless moms with some time to relax, and be encouraged by other moms.
I grew up in a single parent home from the age of thirteen on…single mamas are the saints of our society. If you’ve been there give me an “amen“. We are hoping and praying this will because a place of hope and refuge for moms in all seasons of life.


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