D.A. Carson and the Emerging Church

I am reading through Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church by D.A Carson. I have wanted to read it for some time, and recently found a friend who let me borrow it.

The Emerging Church is an interesting topic of consideration, and one that I will probably devote several posts to. I have been accused of being apart of the emerging church by people who would call themselves fundamentalists, and have been accused of being a fundamentalist by people who consider themselves apart of the emerging church. Neither statement was made as a compliment, and in truth, neither was made from a position of knowledge about the other’s point of view.

As in most debates there are alot of assumptions made about the opposite’s perspective. So it is with the Emerging Church. There is a wide variety of groups within the movement, so it is difficult to make general statements about the movement as a whole. Similar to politics, it is often the far right of fundamentalism, and the far left of the emerging church from which garner the most attention, and give many people get their assumptions.

I think both the fundamental, and emerging church have significant strengths, and a few stark weakness in the mix. Carson does a pretty good job being objective…I have enjoyed it so far, and will plan on posting about it in the future.


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