Ten ways to kill a church

Post from Ben Arment…really frank, and really true (Ben pastors Reston Community Church)

1. Talk about how much you love your church because it’s so small and personable.
2. If your church doesn’t have a particular ministry, start attending it at another church, rather than starting one where you are.
3. Don’t forgive anyone for hurting you or offending you.
4. Instead of telling the pastor about your frustrations, hold out in silence as long as you can, getting angrier and angrier until you can finally leave in one, unforseen blaze of flaming glory.
5. Go to church for what you get out of it.
6. Don’t invite anyone.
7. Forget faith ~ that’s the pastor’s job. Sit back and wait to see what happens, rather than becoming personally invested.
8. Use “prayer” as a conversational piece rather than a spiritual discipline (as in: “I’ll be praying for you,” or “Let me pray about that.”)
9. Do frequent “polling” in hallway conversations to see if other people have the same concerns about the church as you.
10. Meditate on how wonderful the church would be if it weren’t for the pastor


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One response to “Ten ways to kill a church

  1. 11 Totally ignore the community around the church. We have many churches here in Charlotte like that. It’s a pity.

    12 Just go on Sunday mornings and totally ignore what else the church offers.

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