This Sunday @ The Bridge (4/8)

Easter Sunday!
We watched a quick video using “That’s My King” by S.M. Lockridge. What a great reminder of how indescribable our God is.

Our time of community praise:
“Joyful, Joyful”
“Amazing Grace”
“Down at Your Feet”
“All the Glory”

Two weeks into our four part series for Easter, after celebrating communion last week, we talked about “Learning to Let Go”. In John 20, Mary is the first to see Christ alive. In her excitement she reaches to embrace Him, to which He responds by telling her that she is not able to touch Him. It seems like an odd response to someone who has grieved your death, and is now elated to see that you are alive, but the resurrection changed everything. There were things the followers of Christ would have to learn, and there were things they would have to unlearn. Not much has changed in 2000 years. The resurrection teaches us things about God that many of us need to be reminded of, and maybe, even be shown some things we need to unlearn.

If the resurrection is true:
Some of us need to stop thinking of Jesus as a good man in history.

If the resurrection is true:
God possesses all power (and I need to unlearn fear and anxiety)

If the resurrection is true:
Sin is a big deal (and I need to live in freedom from it)

If the resurrection is true:
Grace is real (and I need to stop trying to earn God’s favor)

If the resurrection is true:
Forgiveness is free (and I need to stop carrying guilt)

If the resurrection is true:
God is love (and I need to put aside my pride, and see myself as God sees me)

Each person at The Bridge wrote something they needed to let go of in their view of God, life, or themselves on a balloon filled with helium. As we finished, we went out, and made a prayerful act to let the balloon and whatever had stood in the way of our living out the resurrection, go out of our hands and heart.

It was a good day.


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  1. john Hill

    As I was listening the message, one thing that struck me and I hope that I can convey what I am thinking. As the progression of Mary seeing the angels, and seeing Christ did nothing to help her to know Christ. It was not till Mary heard the WORDS of Christ, and heard Christ say her name that she knew him. I believe that can be conveyed to our time that in this age we have the more sure word of prophecy in the Bible, and we have to be called by the Holy Spirit to know him, to know that Christ is a real being in our lives.

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