This Sunday @ The Bridge (4/1)

April Fool’s Day! I had a guy come up and tell me he was stepping down from our worship team…completely straight faced. I was bummed, until he yelled April Fool’s to a chorus of laughter from a previously unnoticed audience. Chumps! They got me good.
We had a great time in our first of a four week celebration of Easter. We started with a time of remembrance in Communion. The Bridge enjoys using some of the O.T. Passover traditions in our celebration of the Lord’s Supper…some pretty amazing pictures show up. Passover centered around four cups, each one connected to an “I will” statement that Jehovah makes to the nation of Israel in Exodus 6:6-7. God tells Israel…

*I will bring you out…
*I will rid you of their bondage…
*I will redeem you…
*I will take you to me.

Communion is a time of thanks and examination that centers our lives around who we are to God, and who He needs to be to us. It’s a great time to get it all before God, and get right in light of the cross. I know I need the practice on a regular basis.


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