Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (Michelle Troutwine)

Good things come to those who wait. Many of us would agree that this is a true statement. Ask any five-year-old child on Christmas morning, and these words will ring true. But ask him on December 3rd and you will probably hear these words, I just can’t wait! The truth is that most of us really just can’t wait for much of anything. And if we have to, we definitely don’t like it.

Our culture is increasingly geared toward immediate gratification. At the first sign of a headache, we can pop a pill. Don’t feel like cooking? There’s fast food on every corner. When our marriages require patience, effort, and painful self-analysis, it’s much easier to take the next exit than to endure the long haul. The problem with this quick fix we are all so enamored with is that the fix is over quick, leaving the same wound open and unhealed when the band-aid is removed. And so we seek another band-aid instead of a cure.

Here’s the cool thing though. There is a cure, and though it may be hard to swallow, this medicine works every time. Trust God and wait for His timing. Our message on Sunday showed us that the wonderful Lord we serve has a history of making his children wait. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, the disciples, and Paul (to name a few) had to put complete trust in their Creator to lead them the long way to the promises and blessings he had for them. And was it worth it? Ask Abraham when Isaac was placed in his arms for the first time, or King David as he lowered his head to receive his crown, or Paul as his eyes met his Savior’s finally and he heard well done good and faithful servant.

Personally, I hate waiting. But I have to concede that the things in my life that I have had to trust God’s timing for, I appreciate and value much more than the easy stuff. And if you think about it, so does God. His word tells us that we, impatient as we are, are treasured above all creation. Our groom is still waiting for the bride he gave his life for.


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