This Sunday @ The Bridge (3/25)

We had a stand alone teaching titled: “Zoom In, Zoom Out”. God says in Exodus 13, when the children of Israel were freed from Egypt He could have taken them one of two ways…the short way, or the long way. God chose the long way. It seems odd at first: inefficient, even unwise, but think about it: it seems like God’s way is the long way. God took Noah the long way, same with men like Abraham, David, Daniel, Moses, Job, Peter, and Paul. In fact, when we study the lives of people we would say are patriarchs of the faith, each one was taken “the long way” by God.

So what do I do when I am on the long way…doubting, waiting, paying more than I thought I would have to pay for less than I thought I would get. In Acts 16 Paul and Silas find themselves on a side street of the long way, prison. With stripes on their back, their feet in stocks, at the bottom of a dungeon these two men began to sing in what I can only imagine sounded horrible to the prisoners around, but amazing to God. When we doubt, when we hurt, when we question, when we scream for God to give us answers, when we are tempted to zoom in on all that is wrong with where we are…it is then that we MUST zoom out, find the face of God, and worship.


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  1. Elaine Magliocca

    Zoom in/Zoom out has been going through my head everyday since hearing the message on Sunday. Wish I could tell you how helpful the message was…so practical! Anytime I start to fret or fume about something…big or small…I quickly remind myself that I am “zooming in”…and, at that moment, I need to “zoom out” and put God into the big picture! GREAT illustration that helps me apply God’s Word to my daily life. THANK YOU!

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