This Sunday @ The Bridge

We finish up our “Focus” series… talking about placing our focus in a way that we will be continually growing.

Jesus says something interesting in John 15… He calls His Father a gardener. He goes on to teach us that He is a vine, and we are the branches, or extensions of who He is. The idea of Jehovah being a gardener teaches us that He intends, and attends to our growth in His Son. He is always giving light and water, He is always pruning, and giving us what we need to grow.

The church needs to be an extension of God’s gardening of people’s lives. There needs to be attention to the continual development of character and perspective in all our lives. Growth isn’t easy, and it isn’t instantaneous, but it is natural when God does the gardening.


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  1. john

    think this is very difficult to know that we are going to get pruned in order to grow. It is against the culture for Americans to accept being “cut” in order to grow. We have come to expect that if we do good things only good things will happen. To follow God’s word means that we allow ourselves to be cut to grow.

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